Friday, January 14, 2011

Quickie Review - "The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel

It was bound to happen. With a series as popular as Percy Jackson, a graphic adaptation was inevitable. I was looking forward to reading this, partially to help erase the memory of the disastrous film adaptation (!). Granted, I had to wait my turn, as this little book has circulated quite a few times since landing on my shelves in November, but I was able to secure it yesterday and gave it a quick read. I was delighted with the vibrancy of the art by Attila Futaki (and color by Jose Villarrubia), but a little disappointed by the character design. The main trio of Percy, Grover and Annabeth looked too old for their supposed twelve years of age, Percy especially. Then there was the adaptation itself, which I'm sad to say felt like a smash and grab job. That some elements of the story had to be cut is a given, but this is cut down so severely and often in awkward turns it ruins the natural buoyancy of Riordan's work. As is, this is a very slim volume, and I don't understand why a little more space could not have been given to the piece. When it comes to Percy Jackson, if you write it, kids will read. Maybe the volumes to come (if indeed they intend to continue with the series), they will allow for a little more breathing room that will make the stories more readable and enjoyable.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief: The Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan, adapted by Robert Venditti
2010, Disney Hyperion Books
Library copy

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