Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Movie Mini-Review

Emma Thompson can write a cracking good yarn.  First she came out with Nanny McPhee, which was adorable (and featured the scrumptious Colin Firth), and now she’s followed it up with the solid sequel, Nanny McPhee Returns.  I’ve never read the original tales of Nurse Matilda, from which Thompson got her inspiration.  My library doesn’t have the book at the moment, but I plan to put it on my next order, because if the movies are this fun, the book must be worth the time.  In Nanny McPhee Returns, there’s a new family and new children in need of Nanny McPhee’s particuar brand of magical childcare.  It’s World War II, and the Green family takes in cousins from the city to help them escape the bombings.  The cousins don’t get along, and the harried mother, Isabel (played with a shakily ok English accent by Maggie Gyllenhaal), parenting alone because her husband is off fighting, is nearly out of options.  Enter Nanny McPhee, and the unparrelled Ms. Thompson.  Also making a rather surprising appearance is Ralph Fiennes, who works wonders in his small role (and has a glorious comedy gasp).  This movie is sweet, witty, and literate and a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening.  It comes highly recommended. J

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