Monday, July 4, 2011

Quickie Review - "Dragonbreath - Lair of the Bat Monster"

Danny the dragon is back in another adventure from funny gal Ursula Vernon. Lair of the Bat Monster finds our hero, along with his best friend Wendell and his cousin Steve, in Mexico. After saving a small brown bat (actually of the species "big brown bat"), Danny and Wendell want to learn more about bats, so they accompany bat expert Steve to the caves where he does his research and while there, they discover the stuff of legend. The Camazotz, the enormous lord of the bats once worshipped by the Zapotec people. Unfortunately, the Camazotz takes a liking to Danny, and Wendell and Steve are soon on a quest to rescue the little dragon from its fuzzy clutches. Like the other adventures of Danny Dragonbreath, Lair of the Bat Monster is full of jumps and laughs and jokes both elegant and ordinary. Wendell is a wonderful source of amusement, as he worries about mosquitoes, losing limbs and being eaten alive by bugs. Vernon's expressive illustrations go a long way towards creating the mood, and she has the design of her main characters down to an exact science. Every placement of the pupil in an eyeball is designed for full effect. This is a great series for fans of Wimpy Kid, comic books and funny bones in general.
Dragonbreath: Lair of the Bat Monster, by Ursula Vernon
2011, Dial
Library copy

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