Thursday, September 8, 2011

Backlist files - "The Teashop Girls"

The Teashop Girls
This is a book that had me at hello. That is, it had me from its very pleasing book cover in complimentary pastel colors and promise of tea and cake. It has been a space of two and a half years, however, between that first glance and my chance to actually, you know, read the book. What I got was not exactly what I wanted, but it was a pleasant distraction for a day of lousy weather and a generally good read. Thirteen year old Annie has just taken a job as a barista at her Grandmother Louisa's tea shop, Steeping Leaf, when she finds out her beloved family hangout may be going out of business for good. Rallying her best friends, Genna and Zoe, Annie tries to find ways to fight back against the coffee conglomerate across the street. Speckled with tea advertisements, recipes and stories, The Teashop Girls is a light, quick read, with little to challenge you, but conversely, little to vex you. I enjoyed the characters, though they were thinly drawn, and I was pleased with the ending, which I have to admit I wasn't expecting. This is definitely a good read for a day at the beach or the pool, or wrapped up in a blanket when the weather is foul, with a scone and your favorite cup of tea.

The Teashop Girls by Laura Schaefer
2008, Simon & Schuster
Library copy

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