Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mini Review - "Vanishing Acts"

Vanishing Acts: A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery - Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair is back with two more mysteries to solve (three if you include the ongoing mystery that is boys).  First of all, someone is egging dogs in the park, and Maggie is put on the trail by an older classmate.  Secondly, super famous movie star Seth Ryan has gone missing from the set of his latest movie, filming in Brooklyn, and Maggie is on the hunt to track him down.  Could the two cases possibly be related?  All this and more is packed into the slim volume of the second Maggie Brooklyn mystery, which is just as enjoyable as the first.  Though I figured out both mysteries fairly early on, I was entranced enough by Maggie's moxie to finish the book in one sitting.  The mysteries could have been a bit more mysterious, but Margolis' handle on her characters is spot on, getting the downright oddness of adolescent behavior, girls and boys, in an entertaining way.  This is a great book to recommend to animal lovers who like digging in to a mystery.

Vanishing Acts: A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery by Leslie Margolis
2012, Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Library copy

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